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How to Make Wise Energy Choices

Concerned about energy prices?

How Utility Legislation Becomes Law in Ohio

A law begins as an idea, which then goes through many steps to become a law. Here is how it happens.

Electric Bill Made Easy

It is important that you read your bill each month, look for any unusual charges, and keep track of your normal electricity usage.

A family with a toddler look at a solar panel
Quick Facts About Renewable Energy and Smart Grid

Electric utilities are modernizing the electric grid with digital technology to improve its reliability and efficiency.

Power Outage Tips and Consumer Rights
Power Outage Tips and Consumer Rights

Be prepared and know your rights if a power outage occurred today.

A man holds envelopes of over due bills
Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

A benefit directly applied once per heating season to the main heat source or bulk fuel bill.

Conserve Energy and Save Money

Learn energy-saving tips that can reduce your home’s energy costs.

Your Guide to Energy Disconnection & Reconnection
Your Guide to Energy Disconnection & Reconnection

There is help if you struggle to pay electric and natural gas bills.

Can You Benefit from a Utility Third-Party Notification?

A utility’s Third-Party Notification program serves as a safety net for consumers whose utility service could be disconnected.

A senior woman looks at a bill with a look of shock
Special Reconnect Order (SRO)

Assistance for utility customers (regardless of income) to reconnect or avoid service disconnection.

Available mid-Oct. to mid-April

What You Need to Know About Utility Line Warranties

Information to consider when deciding whether to purchase a utility line warranty.

A couple wearing winter coats inside
HEAP Winter Crisis Program (WCP)

Maintain or restore service, establish new or transfer service, help with a PIPP default or first PIPP payment.

Available Nov. – March

Consumer Assistance for Military Families

Provides service members and their families with special utility service protections and assistance.

Telephone Bill Made Easy

You receive and pay your telephone bill every month, but do you know what the charges on your bill mean?

How to Avoid Utility-Related Scams and Fraud

Common utility-related scams, how to avoid being scammed, and where to report it.

A couple looks at bills and a calculator together
Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP Plus)

A year-round extended payment plan to pay electric and/or natural gas bills based on a percentage of household income.

A woman drinks water in front of a fan
HEAP Summer Crisis Program (SCP)

Assists with electric utility bills, central air conditioning repairs, an air conditioning unit and/or fan purchases.

Available from July–Sept.

About the Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel

Advocating for Ohioans Regarding Their Utility Services

Ways to Stop Unwanted Calls
Ways to Stop Unwanted Calls

There are laws and rules governing telemarketing, which protect you from getting unwanted calls.

A woman holds a oxygen mask up to her face
30-Day Medical Certificate

Helps consumers avoid disconnection or reconnect service if someone in the home has a medical condition.

A Guide to Your Water Bill and Service

Understanding your water bill and service.

A older woman talks on a landline phone
Telephone Lifeline Programs in Ohio

Can provide income-eligible consumers a discount on telephone service.

A man inspects insulation in a ceiling
Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP)

Assists income-eligible Ohioans to improve their home’s energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Make Your Voice Heard at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO)
Make Your Voice Heard at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO)

Did you know you can express your concerns to those making decisions about the utility rates you pay?

Energy Assistance Appointment Checklist

A checklist for energy assistance appointment documents.

Natural Gas Bill Made Easy

It is important to read your bill each month, look for any unusual charges, and keep track of your normal natural gas usage.

Utility Service for Tenants (Submetering)

Tenants should understand how they will receive and pay for utility services before signing a lease agreement. 

What's draining your energy? Vampire Power

The average household spends $100 every year on vampire power. 

Saving Energy During the Holidays
Saving Energy During the Holidays

Interested in saving money this holiday season? 

Beat the Heat: Summer Cooling Tips

Ways to help keep your home cool and save money on your energy bills when temperatures soar.

Energy Efficiency Scavenger Hunt

Are you an energy saver or an energy waster?

Energy Efficiency: Do you make the grade? (Questions)

Take this 20-question pop quiz to see how much you know and if you make the grade.

Home Energy Saver Checklist

Reduce energy usage and save on utility bills.

Ohio Area Code Update
Ohio Area Code Update

Learn more about how area codes work in Ohio.

Utility Line Clearing and Tree Trimming

Ohio law requires utilities to maintain the safety of their lines.

A Consumer's Guide to Water Conservation
A Consumer's Guide to Water Conservation

When Ohioans use less water to accomplish the same things, it will save money and help ensure a water supply is available for the future.

How to Shop for Lightbulbs
How to Shop for Lightbulbs

This simplifies the information to help you choose the best bulb to meet your needs.

A woman and child sit at a table while she is on a laptop and phone call
Utility-Provided Assistance Programs

Helps utility customers with payment assistance for electric, natural gas and/or water bills.

The Basics of Governmental Aggregation

Learn more about how government aggregation of energy works in Ohio.