Tracking House Bill 6 Subsidy Charges and Pollution from AEP, AES (DP&L) and Duke OVEC Coal Plants

HB6 Coal-Power Subsidies You Paid Since 1/1/20 (Estimated)    

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($130,376 per day)

Pollution from AEP, AES & Duke OVEC Coal Plants Since 1/1/20

  • tons CO2
  • tons NOx
  • tons SO2
  • Estimates for Pollution per US EPA 2020 Data
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Bruce Weston

Bruce Weston swearing in with then Attorney General Mike Dewine

Then Attorney General Mike DeWine administering the oath of office to Consumers’ Counsel Bruce Weston

"Ohio should lead with its heart to keep Ohioans connected to their utility services."
                    ~ Ohio Consumers’ Counsel Bruce Weston

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