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Coal Power Plant Stack
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($153,049 per day)

HB6 Coal-Power Subsidies You Paid to AEP, AES & Duke Since 1/1/20 (Estimated)
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41,888,865 tons CO2

30,673 tons NOx

23,739 tons SO2

Estimates for Pollution per US EPA 2022 Data

Pollution from AEP, AES & Duke OVEC Coal Plants Since 1/1/20
Woman at hearing
Consumer Alert:
Aqua Ohio Rate Increase

Aqua Ohio proposes another rate increase.

Man holding microphone at hearing
Consumer Alert:
FirstEnergy Rate Increase

FirstEnergy wants the PUCO to increase your electric bill

You Have the Right to Make Your Voice Heard at the PUCO!

Bruce Weston honored with the 2023 Outstanding Public Service Award by OSU John Glenn Public Affairs SchoolBruce Weston honored with NASUCA's highest award

"Ohio should lead with its heart to keep Ohioans connected to their utility services."

~ Ohio Consumers’ Counsel Bruce Weston

Consumer Protection

Photo of woman and thermostat and couple looking at bill
How to Make Wise Energy Choices

Concerned about energy prices?

power outage
Power Outage Safety Tips

Be prepared and know your rights if a power outage occurred today.

Disconnection & Reconnection

There is help if you struggle to pay electric and natural gas bills.

Woman Holding Door Shut On Salesman
Block the Knock

Rash decisions at the front door can cost you money.

Subsidy Scorecard Thumbnail
Subsidy Scorecard

Consumer payments for utility corporate welfare.

Pie Chart Graphic of Refunds Denied
Ohioans Denied Electric Refunds

Ohioans have been denied $1.5 billion in electric refunds since 2009.

Annual 2022 Report Thumbnail
2022 Annual Report

Office of the Ohio Consumer's Counsel 2022 Annual Report.

The State of Poverty In Ohio
State of Poverty in Ohio

Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies release report on poverty.

Facts for Older Consumers Thumbnail
Facts for Older Consumers

NCLC provides facts for seniors dealing with utility companies.


OCC Consumer Advocacy

Hands signing a document
Consumer Advocates’ Request for Utility Disconnection Suspension Adopted by PUCO

Ruling will give at-risk Ohioans protection from utility disconnection during assistance application process.

Woman speaking in front of hearing
Consumer Alert:
AEP Rate Increase

AEP wants the PUCO to increase your electric bill.

OCC says not so fast.

Man speaking in front of crowd
Consumer Alert: Duke Energy Rate Increase

Duke Energy wants the PUCO to approve rate hike, this time for natural gas distribution.

Utility Reform

OCC Board passes resolution to reform the process for selecting PUCO Commissioners.

Putting a letter in an envelope
OCC Board Chair Letter to Nominating Council

OCC Board Chair Mike Watkins letter to the PUCO Nominating Council Chair.

Thumbnail of PDF of Letter
OCC and Advocates Call for Reform

OCC, Pro Seniors and LASSO write letter for reform.

Handwriting a Letter
Call for HB 6 Veto

OCC and OMA ask Governor for veto of House Bill 6.

Gavel on Court Filing
OCC Calls for FE Investigation

OCC asks PUCO to investigate FirstEnergy on behalf of consumers.

Gavel by a stack of papers
Investigation of Summer Outages

OCC and legal advocates partner to ask for PUCO to investigate summer outages.

A stack of court filings
FERC Responds to OCC

Utility should eliminate ‘FERC Candy’ charge, orders refund for AEP consumers.

Gavel on stack of papers
Protecting At-Risk Consumers

OCC partners with advocates to call for consumer protections.