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State and Federal Filings

Advocating for Consumers

The Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel (OCC) is the statewide legal representative for Ohio’s residential consumers in matters related to their investor-owned electric, natural gas, telephone, and water services. The agency advocates for consumers in proceedings before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), the Supreme Court of Ohio, federal regulatory agencies, appellate courts, and the Ohio General Assembly who make decisions about the prices and quality of their utility services. The agency also monitors public utilities’ compliance with regulatory standards for consumer protection. View Legislative Testimony.

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Date Sort ascending Filing Case # Forum
2023-11-03 Application for Rehearing Partnering with Legal Aid Advocates 23-0856-GE-UNC Public Utilities Commison of Ohio
2023-11-02 PUCO Declines to Approve OCC Subpoena of FirstEnergy Executive in FirstEnergy’s $1.4 Billion Rate Increase-Case; FirstEnergy to Fight OCC’s Request 23-0301-EL-SSO Public Utilities Commison of Ohio
2023-10-23 Ohio Consumers’ Counsel Makes its Case to Protect Consumers in FirstEnergy’s $1.4 Billion Rate Increase Proposal 23-0301-EL-SSO Public Utilities Commison of Ohio
2023-10-19 Ohio Consumers’ Counsel Seeks More Time to Respond to PJM Proposal that Could Harm Consumers ER24-98-000 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
2023-10-18 PUCO Punishes Energy Marketer Green Choice but Falls Short of Permanent Ban Sought by Ohio Consumers’ Counsel 22-0441-GE-COI Public Utilities Commison of Ohio
2023-10-10 Ohio Consumers’ Counsel Continues to Oppose Energy Harbor/Vistra Merger as Harmful to Ohio Consumers EC23-74 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
2023-10-06 Consumers’ Counsel challenges PUCO Decision Allowing $25 million in Charges to Duke Consumers for Coal Plant Subsidies 20-0167-EL-RDR Public Utilities Commison of Ohio
2023-10-06 OCC asks PUCO to Protect Consumers of Resold Utility Services (Submeterers) 21-0990-EL-CSS Public Utilities Commison of Ohio
2023-09-29 FirstEnergy Rate Increase Case – OCC/Five Legal Aid Groups Ask PUCO for Virtual Hearing for the Convenience of the Public 23-0301-EL-SSO Public Utilities Commison of Ohio
2023-09-28 Ohio Consumers’ Counsel Files Complaint at FERC; Says It’s Long Overdue to Protect Ohio Consumers from Abdication of Regulation of AEP, AES, Duke, FirstEnergy's Supplemental (Local) Transmission Projects EL23-___-000 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
2023-09-22 Ohio Consumers’ Counsel Calls for PUCO to Reverse its Recent 3rd 6-Month Stay of the FirstEnergy Scandal Investigations 17-0974-EL-UNC Public Utilities Commison of Ohio
2023-09-01 Energy Harbor/Vistra Merger Case at FERC EC23-74-000 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
2023-08-25 PUCO Audit Shows FirstEnergy’s “Grid Mod I” Plan is Unauditable; OCC Says, “How Convenient for FirstEnergy” 16-0481-EL-UNC, 17-2436-EL-UNC, 18-1604-EL-UNC, 18-1656-EL-ATA Public Utilities Commison of Ohio
2023-06-16 PUCO Approves Duke Rate Increase – OCC cries foul 22-0507-GA-AIR, 22-0508-GA-ALT, 22-0509-GA-ATA, 22-0510-GA-AAM Public Utilities Commison of Ohio
2023-03-23 OCC filing: Power Siting Board Order “fails consumers” 21-902-GE-BRO Ohio Power Siting Board