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OCC has long-opposed coal subsidies funded through consumers’ electricity rates

Since 2018, Ohio utility consumers have been paying to subsidize two 1950 Eisenhower era coal plants, one not even in Ohio. The coal subsidies remain today as part of tainted House Bill 6 that has not been repealed.  

In 2020, the coal plant owners (AEP, AES and Duke) charged consumers over $100 million in coal plant subsidies.  A case is pending before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) where the PUCO will be deciding whether the coal plants were operated prudently and in the consumers’ best interest.  

Recent testimony by a Duke Executive before the General Assembly makes it clear that those coal plants will continue to operate with or without the coal subsidies! 

Make your voice heard at the PUCO

Contact your elected officials

Let your State Representative and Senator know you support efforts to get rid of the coal plant subsidies remaining from tainted House Bill 6.


HB6 Cost to Consumers


($533,589 per day)

HB6 Subsidies Ohioans have paid to AEP, AES & Duke

For coal-power plants since 1/1/20 (Estimated)

HB6 Subsidized Pollution

46,259,024 tons CO2

33,751 tons NOx

26,219 tons SO2

OVEC coal plant pollution from AEP, AES & Duke

Since 1/1/20 (Estimated per US EPA 2023 data)

Make Your Voice Heard at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO)

Did you know you can express your concerns to those making decisions about the utility rates you pay?