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As the state’s designated voice for more than four million Ohio residential electric consumers, OCC seeks to protect consumers by advocating for reasonable rates, reliable service, and energy payment assistance to those in need. OCC advocates for Ohioans before the PUCO and before federal agencies such as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.   

More than two decades after electricity was deregulated in Ohio, electric utilities continue to collect subsidies from their monopoly consumers. OCC’s Subsidy Scorecard shows that more than $15 billion in above-market subsidies have been charged to Ohio consumers by their electric utilities since 2000.


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41,888,865 tons CO2

30,673 tons NOx

23,739 tons SO2

Estimates for Pollution per US EPA 2022 Data

Pollution from AEP, AES & Duke OVEC Coal Plants Since 1/1/20

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($153,049 per day)

HB6 Coal-Power Subsidies You Paid to AEP, AES & Duke Since 1/1/20 (Estimated)

Subsidy Scorecard
Subsidy Scorecard

Consumer payments for utility corporate welfare.

A woman addresses a crowd with a microphone
Consumer Alert:
AEP Rate Increase

AEP wants the PUCO to increase your electric bill.

OCC says not so fast.

A man holds a microphone
Consumer Alert:
FirstEnergy Rate Increase

FirstEnergy wants the PUCO to increase your electric bill

You Have the Right to Make Your Voice Heard at the PUCO!

Reselling of utility services (submetering) and proposed legislation

A submeter allows an apartment owner or other company to purchase utility service (electric and water) and then resell that service to tenants by utilizing the submeter to record usage.

a pie chart showing 1.5 billion in electric refunds since 2009
Ohioans Denied Electric Refunds

Ohioans have been denied $1.5 billion in electric refunds since 2009.

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Disconnection & Reconnection

There is help if you struggle to pay electric and natural gas bills.

How to Avoid Utility-Related Scams and Fraud

Common utility-related scams, how to avoid being scammed, and where to report it.

Utility Service for Tenants (Submetering)

Tenants should understand how they will receive and pay for utility services before signing a lease agreement. 

The Facts about Electric and Natural Gas Budget Billing
The Facts about Electric and Natural Gas Budget Billing

Ohio’s regulated electric and natural gas utilities offer budget billing plans as an alternative to paying the actual usage each month.

Establishing Electric and Natural Gas Service

Learn the steps involved in establishing electrical or natural gas service.

Quick Facts About Renewable Energy and Smart Grid

Electric utilities are modernizing the electric grid with digital technology to improve its reliability and efficiency.

The Basics of Governmental Aggregation

Learn more about how government aggregation of energy works in Ohio.

The Basics of Tree Trimming

Learn about how electric utilities can trim trees to avoid interference.

A woman with her dog hold a door shut on a man holding a contract
Block the Knock

Rash decisions at the front door can cost you money.

A woman and child sit at a table while she is on a laptop and phone call
Utility-Provided Assistance Programs

Helps utility customers with payment assistance for electric, natural gas and/or water bills.

Power Outage Tips and Consumer Rights
Power Outage Tips and Consumer Rights

Be prepared and know your rights if a power outage occurred today.

How to Make Wise Energy Choices

Concerned about energy prices?

A senior woman looks at a bill with a look of shock
Special Reconnect Order (SRO)

Assistance for utility customers (regardless of income) to reconnect or avoid service disconnection.

Available mid-Oct. to mid-April

Electric Bill Made Easy

Learning to read an electric bill is an important part of being an educated consumer of electricity.

What You Need to Know About Utility Line Warranties

Information to consider when deciding whether to purchase a utility line warranty.