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Natural Gas

As the state’s designated voice for more than three million Ohio residential natural gas consumers, the Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel (OCC) advocates for safe and affordable natural gas service. OCC seeks to minimize the high, fixed monthly charges to consumers from natural gas utilities.

Featured Topics

How to Make Wise Energy Choices

Concerned about energy prices?

A senior woman looks at a bill with a look of shock
Special Reconnect Order (SRO)

Assistance for utility customers (regardless of income) to reconnect or avoid service disconnection.

Available mid-Oct. to mid-April

Consumer Alert:
Dominion Energy asks the PUCO for a 30 percent rate increase and more

Make Your Voice Heard at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO)

How to Avoid Utility-Related Scams and Fraud

Common utility-related scams, how to avoid being scammed, and where to report it.

How to Spot a Bad Apple
How to Spot a Bad Apple

A bad deal with a natural gas or electric marketer could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. There are some “bad apples” to avoid!

Can You Benefit from a Utility Third-Party Notification?

A utility’s Third-Party Notification program serves as a safety net for consumers whose utility service could be disconnected.

Consumer Alert:
Duke Energy Rate Increase

Duke Energy wants the PUCO to approve rate hike, this time for natural gas distribution.

A woman with her dog hold a door shut on a man holding a contract
Block the Knock

Rash decisions at the front door can cost you money.

Related Issues

What You Need to Know About Utility Line Warranties

Information to consider when deciding whether to purchase a utility line warranty.

A woman and child sit at a table while she is on a laptop and phone call
Utility-Provided Assistance Programs

Helps utility customers with payment assistance for electric, natural gas and/or water bills.

Your Guide to Energy Disconnection & Reconnection
Your Guide to Energy Disconnection & Reconnection

There is help if you struggle to pay electric and natural gas bills.

Natural Gas Bill Made Easy

It is important to read your bill each month, look for any unusual charges, and keep track of your normal natural gas usage.

Utility Service for Tenants (Submetering)

Tenants should understand how they will receive and pay for utility services before signing a lease agreement.