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Governing Board

About the Governing Board

By law, the bipartisan board is made up of nine members, three each representing residential consumers, organized labor, and family farmers. These board members are appointed by the Ohio Attorney General for a term of three years. They are confirmed by the Ohio Senate.

The board conducts regular public meetings in Columbus, usually at OCC's office in the Capitol Square building at 65 East State Street, Suite 700. Meetings are conducted under the Open Meeting Law.

2024 Board Meeting Schedule

January 16 Notice Minutes
March 12 Notice Minutes
May 14 Notice Minutes
July 16 Notice Minutes
September 17 Notice Minutes
November 19 Notice Minutes


Past Governing Board Minutes

2023 Meeting Minutes

January 17Minutes
March 21Minutes
May 16Minutes
May 31 Minutes
June 30Minutes
July 18Minutes
September 19Minutes
November 21Minutes

2022 Meeting Minutes

January 26Minutes
March 15Minutes
May 17Minutes
July 19Minutes
September 20Minutes
November 15Minutes


2021 Meeting Minutes

February 16minutes
March 16minutes
May 18minutes
July 27 (Rescheduled from July 20)minutes
September 29 (Rescheduled from September 14)minutes
November 16minutes

2020 Meeting Minutes

January 14
March 17canceled
April 30minutes
May 12canceled
June 17minutes
July 21canceled
August 4canceled
August 25minutes
September 15minutes
November 17minutes

2019 Meeting Minutes

January 15minutes
March 19minutes
May 21minutes
July 16minutes
August 28 (Special Meeting)minutes
September 17minutes
November 19minutes

2018 Meeting Minutes

January 16minutes
March 20minutes
May 15minutes
July 17minutes
September 11minutes
November 20minutes

2017 Meeting Minutes

January 10minutes
March 21minutes
May 9minutes
July 18minutes
September 12minutes
November 21minutes

2016 Meeting Minutes

January 19minutes
March 15minutes
May 24cancelled
June 8minutes
July 19minutes
September 27minutes
November 22minutes

2015 Meeting Minutes

January 26minutes
March 17minutes
May 19minutes
July 21minutes
September 15cancelled
September 16minutes
November 17minutes

2014 Meeting Minutes

January 21minutes
March 18minutes
June 17minutes
July 15minutes
September 9minutes
November 12minutes

2013 Meeting Minutes

January 15minutes
March 19minutes
May 21canceled
June 4 (special meeting)minutes
July 16 (in Yellow Springs)minutes
September 17minutes
November 19minutes

2012 Meeting Minutes

January 17minutes
March 20minutes
May 15cancelled
June 5 (special meeting)cancelled
July 17cancelled
September 18minutes
November 20minutes

2011 Meeting Minutes

January 18minutes
March 31minutes
May 17minutes
July 19minutes
August 24minutes
September 21minutes
October 26minutes
November 15minutes
December 12minutes




Governing Board Resolutions

Governing Board Resolutions

Date Sort ascending Description Chair View Resolution
In Honor of Jeff Jacobson Watkins OCC Board Resolution Honoring Jeff Jacobson (302.28 KB)
In Honor of Bruce Weston Watkins OCC Board Resolution Honoring Consumers' Counsel Bruce Weston (144.05 KB)
In Honor of Larry Sauer Watkins OCC Board Resolution Honoring Deputy Sauer (112.29 KB)
In Honor of Dr. Daniel Duann Watkins Dr Duann Resolution signed.pdf (94.64 KB)
In Honor of Timothy Callion Watkins Mr Callion Resolution signed.pdf (82.96 KB)
In Honor of Stuart Young Watkins OCC Board Resolution Honor Stuart Young (80.49 KB)
In Honor of David Wondolowski Watkins Bd. R. 2020-4 David Wondolowski.pdf (219.83 KB)
In Honor of Andra Troyer Watkins Bd. R. 2020-3 Andra Troyer.pdf (217.83 KB)
In Favor of Reform of the Process for Selecting People to Serve the Public as PUCO Commissioners Watkins OCC Board Resolution Commissioner Selection Process (524.27 KB)
In Opposition to Substitute HB246 That Would Politicize and Weaken the Utility Watchdog Role of the Consumers’ Counsel Governing Board and the Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel Watkins OCC ResolutionHB246 061720.pdf (59.94 KB)
In Honor of J. Douglas Moormann Watkins 091719 OCC Board Resolution Honor Doug Moormann _2.pdf (95.48 KB)
In Honor of Roland "Butch" Taylor Watkins 091719 OCC Board Resolution Honor Butch Taylor _1.pdf (3.45 MB)
In Honor of Beverlyn Johns Watkins 091719 OCC Board Resolution Honor Beverlyn Johns _1.pdf (3.32 MB)
In Honor of Fred Cooke Watkins 091719 OCC Board Resolution Honor Fred Cooke.pdf (3.32 MB)
In Support of Legislation for Regulatory Reform to Protect Consumers by Enabling Refunds of Improper Utility Charges Watkins 071619-OCC-Board-Resolution-Legislation-to-Enable-Refunds.pdf (3.57 MB)
In Support of the Ohio General Assembly's Vision for an Energy Future Based on Competition by Power Plants, Not Subsidies by Consumers. And in Support of a Strong and Independent Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel to Represent and Educate Residential Utility Consumers for Consumer Protection Vice-Chair Young 052119 OCC Board Resolution HB6 and HB246_0.pdf (91.36 KB)
In Support of the Ohio General Assembly’s Vision for an Energy Future Based on Power Plant Competition Where Competitors, not Monopoly Utilities, Generate Power at Lower Prices and Higher Innovation for Ohioans Watkins 2019-01-15.pdf (2.31 MB)
In Support of Legislation to Eliminate Electric Security Plans and Enable Refunds Watkins 2018-05-15-1 In Support of Legislation to Eliminating Electric Security Plans and Enabling Refunds_0.pdf (213.17 KB)
In Support of Preserving Affordable Basic Local Telephone Service Watkins 2018-05-15-2 In Support of Preserving Affordable Basic Local Telephone Service_0.pdf (238.43 KB)
ln Honor of Gene Krebs Watkins 2017-09-12_Honoring-Gene-Krebs_Board-Resolution.pdf (98.81 KB)
In Honor of Sally Hughes Krebs 2017-07-18-2 In Honor of Sally Hughes_0.pdf (156.02 KB)
In Honor of Fred Yoder Krebs 2017-07-18-1 In Honor of Fred Yoder_0.pdf (159.77 KB)
In Honor of Michael Smalz Krebs 2017-07-18_Honoring-Michael-Smalz_Board-Resolution.pdf (2.7 MB)
In Support of Protections for Consumers Who Purchase via Submetering Krebs Resolution In Support of Protections for Consumers Who Purchase via Submetering (219 KB)
In Honor Of Susheela Suguness Krebs 2015-07-21-1 In Honor Of Susheela Suguness_0.pdf (121.38 KB)
In Honor of Melissa Yost Krebs 2014-11-12-1 In Honor of Melissa Yost_0.pdf (134.8 KB)
In Honor of Joe Logan Krebs 2013-11-19-1 In Honor of Joe Logan_1(1).pdf (116.34 KB)
In Support of Regulatory Processes Krebs 2013-06-04-2 In Support of Regulatory Processes_0.pdf (95.59 KB)
In Support of Basic Local Telephone Service Krebs 2013-06-04-1 In Support of Basic Local Telephone Service_0.pdf (56.8 KB)
In Support of Preserving Utility Standard Offers Krebs 2013-01-15-1 In Support of Preserving Utility Standard Offers_0.pdf (197.9 KB)
In Honor of Roger Wise Krebs 2012-09-18-4 In Honor of Roger Wise.pdf (207.47 KB)
In Honor of John Moliterno Krebs 2012-09-18-3 In Honor of John Moliterno_0.pdf (197.91 KB)
In Honor of Harold Cassel Krebs 2012-09-18-2 In Honor of Harold Cassel_0.pdf (196.62 KB)
In Honor of Anthony Peto Krebs 2012-09-18-1 In Honor of Anthony Peto_0.pdf (187.78 KB)
In Honor of Janine Migden-Ostrander Moliterno (Vice Chair) 2011-11-15-1 In Honor of Janine Migden-Ostrander.pdf (207.93 KB)
In Honor of Jerome G. Solove Moliterno (Vice Chair) 2011-09-21-2 In Honor of Jerome G. Solove.pdf (181.17 KB)
In Honor of Dorothy L. Leslie Solove 2011-09-21-1 In Honor of Dorothy L. Leslie_0.pdf (172.85 KB)
In Honor of Ann Hotz Solove 2011-07-19-1 In Honor of Ann Hotz_0.pdf (147.24 KB)
In Honor of Mary Edwards Solove 2011-07-19-5 In Honor of Mary Edwards_0.pdf (166.35 KB)
In Honor of Linda Walls Rominski Solove 2011-07-19-4 In Honor of Linda Walls Rominski_0.pdf (178.04 KB)
In Honor of Employees of OCC Solove 2011-07-19-3 In Honor of Employees of OCC_0.pdf (152.46 KB)
In Honor of David Bergmann Solove 2011-07-19-2 In Honor of David Bergmann_0.pdf (111.25 KB)

Governing Board Members

If you would like to write to any of the OCC Governing Board members, you may send correspondence to the Ohio Consumers' Counsel, 65 East State Street, Suite 700, Columbus, Ohio 43215-4213, or e-mail your correspondence to:

Michael Watkins

Chair: 2017 – Present
Vice-Chair: 2015 – 2017
Term(s): 2010 – 2026
Representing: Organized Labor
Hometown: Elida

Michael Watkins has served as a member of the Fraternal Order of Police (“FOP”), Lima Lodge No. 21 since 1976 when he began his career as a police officer in Lima, Ohio. He retired as an active law enforcement officer in 1999. He served six terms as president of FOP Lima Lodge No. 21 and currently serves as the recording secretary.

Mr. Watkins was employed by The Fraternal Oder of Police, Ohio Labor Council, Inc., as an Administrative Assistant from 2003 until 2020. He was trustee of the FOP’s 6th district from 1993-to 1995 and has served in that position again since 2007.

Cheryl Grossman

Vice-Chair: 2022 – Present
Term(s): 2019 – 2026
Representing: Residential Consumers
Hometown: Grove City

Cheryl Grossman is retired as the Executive Director of the Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors. She is a former State Representative (23rd House District) and Mayor of Grove City. She was a member of the General Assembly from 2009 to 2017, where she served as Assistant Minority Whip, Assistant Majority Whip and Majority Whip.

She has received more than 30 legislator-awards, including the 2016 National Autism Speaks Legislator of the Year. Ms. Grossman chaired the Transportation Sub-Committee, Gas Tax Task Force and the Ohio Housing Study Committee, as well as served on several additional committees.

She is a founding member of the Grove City Rotary Club and serves on the BIA Foundation Board, Ohio Access to Justice Board and the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel. She is a lifelong resident of Grove City.

Randy Brown

Term(s): 2022 – 2025
Representing: Family Farmers
Hometown: Nevada 


Randy Brown is a fifth-generation farmer in Wyandot County. Brown and his son grow corn and soybeans and are also contract pig growers. Brown presently serves on the Wyandot Popcorn Museum Board and the United States Pork Center of Excellence Board.

In the past, Brown has served on the Ohio Pork Council Board, Wyandot County Farm Bureau Board, Ridgedale School Board, and the National Pork Board.

David Fleetwood

Term(s): 2022 – 2025
Representing: Organized Labor
Hometown: Toledo


David Fleetwood has served as the Business Manager and Secretary-Treasurer of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (Local 500) since 2013.

Mr. Fleetwood is the past Chair of the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority Board. He formerly was a member of the Lucas County Workforce Development Board. He also serves as an Associate Pastor of the Body of Christ Church in Toledo.

Dorsey Hager, Jr.

Term(s): 2020 – 2024
Representing: Organized Labor
Hometown: Marysville


Dorsey Hager comes from a family with an extensive organized labor background. His mother retired from Navistar International where she was a member of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. His father’s career spanned over 30 years as a member of the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 189.

Dorsey became an apprentice member of the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators Local 50 on Sept. 11, 1994. In May of 1998, he completed his apprenticeship and became a journeyman insulator. He served his local union in elected office as Financial Secretary and as Business Manager. 

In March of 2014, he was elected to his current position as Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Columbus/Central Ohio Building & Construction Trades Council. He also currently serves as Vice-President of Creating Central Ohio Futures and Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio. He and his wife of 24 years, Michelle live in Marysville.

Kelly C. Moore

Term(s): 2015 – 2024
Representing: Residential Consumers
Hometown: Newark


Kelly Moore is the corporate Vice President of GKM Auto Parts, Inc., an independent jobber of NAPA Auto Parts. A member of the National Federation of Independent Business/Ohio, Mrs. Moore serves as a member of the group’s Ohio Leadership Council.

She serves on various committees, including the Workers Compensation committee and the legislative committee. She is the former Chair and Vice-Chair of the Zanesville NFIB Area Action Council. In addition, Mrs. Moore is the Chairperson of the NFIB/OH PAC.

Jan Shannon

Term(s): 2019 – 2025
Representing: Residential Consumers
Hometown: Orient


Jan Shannon is retired after serving as the Executive Director of the Pickaway County Community Foundation. Ms. Shannon began that career after completing a 30-year career with the state of Ohio. She is a farm owner and advocate for agriculture.

Ms. Shannon currently is a professor at Ohio Christian University and contracts with non-profits in Pickaway County to assist them in moving their missions forward to better serve their community.

In addition to those roles, Ms. Shannon also serves on the Pickaway Ross Career and Technology School Board and the Muhlenberg Board of Zoning Appeals. She is a graduate of the AgriPower VIII program with the Ohio Farm Bureau. She is an officer in Circleville Sunrise Rotary and enjoys volunteering and serving her community.

Connie Skinner

Term(s): 2020 – 2026
Representing: Family Farmers
Hometown: Delaware


Connie Skinner and her family are sixth-generation crop farmers, operating Hardscrabble Farms in Delaware County, Ohio. Hardscrabble farms began in 1912.

She also serves her community as a Brown Township Trustee and is a rotary club member. She currently serves on the Delaware County Hunger Alliance Committee, the Benefit in the Barn campaign, the Delaware County District Library Board, and is the Delaware County Township Association treasurer.

She previously served on the Delaware County Red Cross Board, the Delaware County Farm Bureau Board, and the Arts Castle Board.

Josh Yoder

Term(s): 2022 – 2024
Representing: Family Farmers
Hometown: Plain City


Josh Yoder is a fifth-generation farmer and operates his own retail business selling seed and crop inputs to local farmers. Mr. Yoder previously served with the Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association on the Ohio Corn Marketing Program Board of Directors. He is a member of his township’s zoning commission and is an adjunct professor for Rosedale Bible College teaching microeconomics.

Mr. Yoder is a member of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Growers Council. The Council advises the EDF on farming issues and advocates for incentives to improve water quality and conservation efforts.

Mr. Yoder has a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness and Applied Economics from The Ohio State University, a Masters of Science in Agricultural Economics, and a Masters of Business Administration from The Ohio State University.