Dominion Energy Efficiency Programs

Dominion East Ohio's Energy Efficiency Programs

Dominion East Ohio offers several energy efficiency programs for its customers. Complete information about these programs is available at or at 1-800-362-7557. These programs are only available to Dominion customers. Energy efficiency programs are subject to change. For the latest availability information and eligibility requirements, contact Dominion.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program

You can have your home inspected by an independent energy auditor and receive energy efficient devices at no cost. If you make improvements at the recommendation of the auditor, you may become eligible for up to $1,250 in rebates. Contact 1-877-287-3416 or visit to learn more and schedule an assessment. This program is offered on a first-come, first-served basis until funding is depleted or discontinued.

Energy calculators

Dominion offers an online appliance calculator to estimate how much it costs to run your appliances annually. The tool can be found at Dominion also offers an online holiday lighting calculator to estimate the energy usage of your holiday lighting decorations. Visit to try it out.

Housewarming Program

For income-eligible customers, this program can weatherize your home at no cost. Contractors can provide weather stripping, insulation, door sweeps, and other weatherization devices at no cost. This program includes a home audit to determine where efficiency improvements are needed. For more information, call 1-888-377-3774.


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