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Calculating Your Energy Choices - Vectren Energy Delivery
To compare what your monthly natural gas bill would be if you chose a new supplier instead of staying with Vectren or to verify your bill, fill in the boxes with the information described below. Then, click on the "Calculate Totals" button and a chart comparing the two different bills will appear.
Supplier gas price offer per Ccf:
If the supplier's price is 80 cents per Ccf, enter .80
List of current natural gas supplier offers
County sales tax:
Natural gas purchased from a supplier is subject to sales tax that varies by county from 6% to 7.5%. You can find your county's sales tax rate at the Department of Taxation's site here.
Your monthly natural gas usage in Ccf:
Enter the amount of natural gas you use in one month. Your most recent monthly usage can be found on your current natural gas bill and will be listed as "Ccf Used." Vectren measures its natural gas in units of 100 cubic feet, or Ccf.
PLEASE NOTE: This interactive calculator does not represent all possible offers and should be used only as a guide. OCC is not responsible for selections you make based on your calculations.
Information believed accurate but not guaranteed.
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