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Reselling of utility services (submetering) and proposed legislation

The residents of many apartments, manufactured homes and other housing communities do not receive a bill from their local utility. Electric meters 

Instead, their utility service might be submetered, included in the rent, or pro-rated among others in the community. A submeter allows an apartment owner or other company to purchase utility service (electric and water) and then resell that service to tenants by utilizing the submeter to record usage.

In October 2013, an investigation by the Columbus Dispatch discovered that the practice of reselling public utility services has inflated some residential utility bills by as much as 40 percent, compared to customers who are billed directly by a public utility.

Following the newspaper series, several bills related to the reselling of utility services have been introduced in the Ohio General Assembly.

The Office of the Consumers’ Counsel has been working with legislators and other stakeholders to address the concerns associated with the practice of reselling.

In testimony before the Ohio House Finance and Appropriations Committee in April 2014, the Consumers’ Counsel provided recommendations to protect consumers from the high costs of resold public utility services.

In December 2016, the PUCO’s commission-ordered investigation into the practice of submetering found that submetering companies can be subject to PUCO regulations under certain circumstances depending upon their business model and the amount of the charges. The PUCO requested comments from interested persons concerning the level of additional charges that submetering companies could charge above regulated charges for similarly situated consumers.

As regulation efforts continue, the OCC will continue to argue against overcharging for submetering services and advocate for consumer protections in submetering services.

We are currently assisting consumers with complaints about a utility service that is resold to you by a middleman company (also known as submetering). Please contact OCC at or (800) 282-9448,  (877) 742-5622 or (614) 466-9467.

Submetering News

Electricity-Related News

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    ABC 6 - 09/29/16
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    The Columbus Dispatch - 08/17/16
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    ABC 6 - 08/16/16
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    ABC 6 - 05/09/16
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    The Columbus Dispatch - 04/13/16
  40. The dark side of water, electricity submetering
    The Columbus Dispatch - 04/10/16
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    The Columbus Dispatch - 04/03/16
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    The Columbus Dispatch - 04/03/16
  43. Testimony: Many of utility resellers' practices should be outlawed
    The Columbus Dispatch - 01/22/16 
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    The Columbus Dispatch - 01/08/16
  46. PUCO: Should Retailers Serving Condos Be Regulated As Utilities?
    Energy Manager Today - 01/05/16
  47. Billing or bilking? PUCO should decide
    The Columbus Dispatch - 12/28/15 
  48. PUCO sets questions in probe of electricity resellers
    The Columbus Dispatch - 12/17/15 
  49. Ohio regulators to probe submetering companies reselling energy in apartments, condos
    Utility Dive - 11/20/15
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    The Columbus Dispatch - 11/19/15 
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    The Columbus Dispatch - 09/28/15
  52. AEP asks to join case against 'submeter' company
    The Columbus Dispatch - 06/03/15
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    The Columbus Dispatch - 05/08/15
  54. Submeter bill amended in Ohio House, but won't become law
    The Columbus Dispatch - 12/18/14 
  55. Lawmakers expected to revisit utility 'submetering' next year
    The Columbus Dispatch - 12/11/14 
  56. 'Submeter' regulation needed, victim tells Ohio lawmakers
    The Columbus Dispatch - 12/03/14 
  57. Bill would limit 'submeter' utilities charges in Ohio
    The Columbus Dispatch - 11/13/14
  58. Shocking cost investigation: Summary
    The Columbus Dispatch - 10/22/13
  59. Shocking cost investigation: Lawmakers call for action on electricity markups
    The Columbus Dispatch - 10/22/13
  60. Shocking cost investigation: Utility middle men charge renters inflated prices
    The Columbus Dispatch - 10/20/13 

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