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Who Are The Speakers?

The Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel (OCC) provides knowledgeable outreach and education professionals to talk about issues concerning the electric, natural gas, telecommunications and water industries. Speakers are available free of charge and are prepared to cover a variety of topics to groups of 30 or more. The length and content of presentations are determined by the needs of the audience. OCC also welcomes the opportunity to speak to groups during their lunch hour.

For more information about the speakers, visit our Outreach & Education Staff page.

How Do I Request A Speaker?

To request a speaker, fill out and submit the speaker request form, call (614) 466-8574 or (877) 742-5622 (toll-free in Ohio) or email

What Are The Presentation Topics?

General / Assistance

Consumer Protections
Protect yourself from unscrupulous sales practices. Learn how to identify scams and how to effectively say “no” to those who try to sell unnecessary goods and services. Receive information about your consumer rights.

Managing Your Utility Bills
As utility costs rise, learn how to manage your electric, natural gas and telephone bills. This program will discuss consumer assistance programs, energy choice options, and energy efficiency.

Medical Certifications – Keeping connected to your utilities
Customers who have medical conditions that are 'especially dangerous to health' have the right to request a medical certification in order to prevent a disconnection or allow the reconnection of utility services. Learn about the protection provided by medical certifications, who is eligible and how to use them.

Stay Connected to Your Utilities – Maintaining utility services (presented to consumers or as a train-the-trainer)
This in-depth program provides information on financial assistance programs to help keep electric, natural gas, and telephone services connected. The "train-the-trainer" program is available to agencies and organizations that serve low-income consumers. Topics covered include consumer assistance programs, consumer rights, payment arrangements updates, Q&A and more. A shorter half-hour version of this program is also available for consumers.

Electric and Natural Gas

Energy Choice – Learn about your electric and natural gas choice options 
The major utilities in Ohio offer their customers the choice of buying their natural gas or electricity from an alternative supplier. Learn the potential benefits that choice provides and how to make the best decision for you when choosing an alternative supplier.

Understanding Your Electric and Natural Gas Bill
Do you find your electric or natural gas bill difficult to understand? We will take you through all of the items on your bill and help you make sense of your bill. You will also learn about your electric and natural gas choice options.

Power Outage Safety Tips and Consumer Rights
Are you prepared if the electric goes out? This program will discuss your rights and tips for staying safe during a power outage.


Making Sense of Telephone Choices
With the many telephone service options available including traditional land-line, wireless and VoIP customers may find the choices confusing.  What are the benefits? Are there hidden costs? Learn how to make the best choice for your household.

Understanding Your Telephone Bill
Telephone bills can be difficult to understand. Learn about charges you can control and those that can be avoided. Understanding the charges on your telephone bill can help you make sure that you are not overcharged.

Energy Efficiency

Weatherization Workshop 
A hands-on workshop designed to arm participants with new skills to weatherize their homes. Learn how to install plastic on windows, weather-strip a door and install a door-sweep. Participants learn skills they need to make their homes more energy efficient.

Smart Energy Living
Save money on your energy bills by making your home more energy efficient all year round. Hear tips on how to save money on your natural gas, electric, and water bills by making no-cost or low-cost changes around the house. Learn about the benefits of Energy Star appliances, LED light bulbs, programmable thermostats, and other energy-saving tips.

Are You an Energy Saver?
How much do you really know about energy efficiency and keeping energy bills low? Test your knowledge during this fun and interactive presentation while learning fun facts and ways to reduce energy usage. You may be surprised to learn what the true energy users in your home are, and you may discover you can lower your utility bills even more!