Electric Supplier

Comparing Your Electric Choices

Consumers are contacted by energy marketers on the phone, at the door and in the mail.  Have you been contacted about switching to an energy marketer? It’s common because Ohio consumers have an energy choice to make: who will supply my electricity?

With energy choice, consumers may choose to have their electricity supplied by their utility company. Consumers also have the option to sign a contract with an electric marketer or join an aggregated community. Consumers are not required to switch to a marketer or join an aggregated community. There are opportunities to save money on electricity with a marketer or aggregation, but this is not guaranteed.

Electric choice is offered by American Electric Power Ohio, AES Ohio (formerly Dayton Power & Light), Duke Energy Ohio and First Energy Companies. Energy choice is not available to consumers of municipal power systems, members of co-ops or consumers enrolled in energy assistance programs like the Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP Plus).

To see if switching to an energy marketer or aggregator is right for you, start by checking the “Price to Compare” on your electric bill. This is the amount your utility company charges to deliver your energy. To save consumers money, a marketer or aggregator must offer the same service at a rate lower than the Price to Compare. Pay attention to every bill because the Price to Compare can change every month and is different than the Standard Choice Offer rate on your natural gas bill. Refer to several bills to calculate an average before comparing with a marketer’s offer.

For information on natural gas, visit the OCC’s website for comparing your natural gas choices.

Fact Sheets

Historical Regulated Standard Service Offer Rates. Based on current rates and these historical rates, consumers are unlikely to save money by switching from the Standard Service Offer (SSO).

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