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More Electric Topics

  • Aggregation - Your community may join together to buy electricity at a lower rate. Learn more about aggregation and how it affects you here.
  • Budget Billing - Looking for a more predictable electric bill? Enrolling in a budget billing program may be the right step for you.
  • Energy Efficiency - Learn about how you can prevent energy loss in your home and save money.
  • Establishing Electric Service - Moving somewhere new? Know all the steps necessary to establish electric service at your new home.
  • Line Warranties - Considering purchasing insurance for your utility lines? Learn more here.
  • Power Outages - Learn about safety measures you can take during a power outage and your rights as a consumer.
  • Renewable Energy - Learn more about alternative sources of energy, such as solar and wind, that can provide electricity to your home.
  • Tree Trimming - Your electric company is allowed to cut back trees that may damage utility lines and interrupt services. Learn more here.
  • Understanding Your Electric Bill - Knowing what the charges on your electric bill mean can help you save money. Learn how to read your bill here.
  • Vampire Power - Electronic devices, such as toasters and phone chargers, can use electricity even when they are not in use. Learn how to eliminate vampire power here.

Issues for Electricity Consumers