Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel

Making a Difference for Ohio's Residential Utility Customers

Our Mission
The OCC advocates for Ohio's residential utility consumers through representation and education in a variety of forums.
Our Vision
Informed consumers able to choose among a variety of affordable, quality utility services with options to control and customize their utility usage.
Our Core Values

We will advocate for what is fair for Ohio's residential utility consumers.


We will treat each other, our partners and the public with consideration and appreciation.


We will share information and ideas to contribute to the making of optimal decisions by our colleagues and ourselves.


We will produce work that is high quality and we will strive to continuously improve our services.


We will conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards.

Our Commitments
Committed to Service
  • Consumers' need for OCC has never been greater than it is today.

  • Changes in utility markets require Ohioans to be more knowledgeable, careful and savvy consumers of utility services.

  • OCC's job is to make sure consumers have the knowledge, tools, assistance and protection they need.

Committed to Advocacy
  • Consumers need someone to look out for their interests when utility laws and regulations are created, and to vigilantly monitor the impact on consumers.

  • OCC serves Ohio consumers by making certain that their interests are fully represented in all utility policy matters.

Committed to Education
  • Consumers depend on OCC as a reliable source of the objective information they need to make sound, informed decisions about their utility service.

  • Changes in utility laws and regulations are complex and confusing; it's essential that consumers understand the changes and how they may be affected by them.

  • OCC is a one-stop resource that consumers can trust to fill this need.

Committed to Value
  • In a period of rapid and continuing change, OCC serves the public interest by providing necessary education and advocacy for residential utility consumers - and does so without any General Revenue Fund dollars.

  • As Ohio's competitive utility markets develop, OCC's education and advocacy functions will become even more valuable and pay even greater dividends.

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The Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel is an equal opportunity employer and provider of services.
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