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Electric Education Sites

  • Ohio Energy Project -- This K12 project offers energy education resources for teachers. Few resources are online so far, but the site offers information about educational books, games, videos, and audiotapes that can be ordered for classrooms.

  • Energy Quest -- aimed at elementary students. This site from the California Energy Commission includes sections on energy conservation, renewable energy, famous scientists, and nuclear energy, plus educational puzzles and games.

  • ABC's of Nuclear Science -- aimed at high school/college students and interested adults. Offers lots of information about nuclear structure, radioactivity and radioactive decay, nuclear reactions, fission, fusion, cosmic rays, and radiation safety. Includes radioactivity experiments for college or advanced high school students.

  • Roofus' Solar Home -- aimed at elementary students. Offers information and tips on using the power of the sun to save energy throughout the house. Includes fun activities for kids.

  • Learning about Renewable Energy -- aimed at a general audience. This excellent site contains in-depth educational sections on energy sources from the wind, sun, water, plants, and the Earth's heat. Also offers practical information for consumers and businesses.

  • Electricity and Magnetism -- aimed at middle school/high school students. This educational module covers static charge, moving charge, voltage, resistance, and current. Magnetism and how it relates to electricity is also be presented. Requires the Shockwave browser plug-in.

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